Friday, March 21, 2003

For a Minute There, . . .

The day the attack on Iraq started, I went through our morning routine in a neo 9/11 daze, an empty, wandering feeling. I didn't monopolize conversations. I didnt comment on too much eyeliner. I made breakfast.

Was I off.

It got worse. As I exited the nursery school, on my last drop off before work, a family was coming in. The father, mother, and young son were each wearing leather coats (not jackets) and the two little girls were in black pea coats. A magazine family right there in front of me. This was perfect material for a self-effacing joke, like

Our morning coordination consists of one item: Is your underwear on backwards? No? Ok, let's go.

But nothing came. That is when it hit me that I was experiencing that post September 11 sensation I had never wanted to have again. Thank goodness for National Public Radio. NPR was airing a piece on increased security around the country. Even Mount Rushmore is under heightened surveillance, the reported.

Mount Rushmore? All I could envision was those four block heads in grey, with a pitch black mustache on George Washington. I smiled. I was free to be obnoxious again.

(This one's for Kate S.)

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