Wednesday, March 26, 2003

About "Oppressed" Muslim Women or Laying Down 'the White Woman's Burden'

This is an interesting article, written by a woman who is not a Muslim, about Muslim women - which is pertinent given that the subject was brought up earlier today: Laying Down 'the White Woman's Burden' "I try to look into the face of the long-suffering Muslim woman into whose world Americans have entered as soldiers. But a common complaint runs through the literature in which Muslim women describe themselves: they accuse the West of misrepresenting them. If so, who are they? What is the face of the Muslim woman?"

Further, if anyone would really like to talk about how Muslim women are, or are not oppressed, they are welcome to contact me. I am a Muslim woman - and I choose to cover myself completely - and trust me - I am far from oppressed. I recognize that some Muslim women may be forced to do things that they do not want to do - and that is a result of their culture - not their religion - as Islam forbids the oppression of anybody. But be aware - some 'Western' women are forced to do things that they do not want to do (which I would call oppression) and I would imagine that is a result of their culture as well.

Although I also read Where is Raed I would like to mention that Muslim men are not always the best source of information regarding Muslim women, just as 'Western' men are usually not a good source of information about 'Western' women...(although he is an excellent and compelling source of information about life - or lack thereof- in Baghdad).

If you are interested in the almost daily view point (and images) of a non-oppressed, outspoken, American Muslim woman artist you can get it here: A Portrait of the Artist as a Muslim Woman - although be warned - it has a very strong pro-peace flavor ...

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