Sunday, February 16, 2003

Moving Blogs

A while back, I had posted a piece asking for help as to what to do because people from my school have been nosing around my blog and a number of you wrote to me to encourage me to keep on writing as I always have done--honest, clear, straight-from-the-heart.

Well, the blog infiltration thing had turned into--or rather, intensified--a harassment campaign with the target being Yours Truly.

Blog Sisters who read my blog regularly will know that I've been having problems with a Noisy Neighbour and that the problem of this noise harassment had been dragging on for quite a few months because despite complaints, very little was done to effectively curb Noisy Neighbour even though we are all living in dorms where the priority is academic work.

Well, Noisy Neighbour found my blog despite me being anonymous and used my rants about her--also semi-anonymous--(only three in total) against me. Now, instead of addressing the problem of noise harassment that I've been suffering for almost two-thirds of the academic year, I have been punished severely and accused of verbal harassment by the school authorities when the irony of it all was that:

1. I had to rant to someone and my blog was a cathartic outlet for expressing my frustration without having to bug anyone around me.
2. I have been the one harassed for weeks.

Maybe I should count myself lucky. Other people have been fired on the account of their blogging while I have just been disciplined in private.

Still, I got punished on top of having my harassment problem unabated while Noisy Neighbour gets away just about scot-free.

Whatever happened to freedom of speech? If the Noisy Neighbour claims that she has the right to blast her music at the expense of the neighbour's peace of mind because she has the right to relax, don't I have the right to vent my frustration when there's little effective pastoral support forthcoming from the proper authorities that should have scotched this noise harassment in the first place?

Indeed, school seems to be upholding Noisy Neighbour's right to do the former while punishing me for the latter, all because of words written in anger. Of course, they keep repeating that since it's "on the web, it doesn't matter if it's a diary, it's still public property and cannot be private".

Guess why I never let anyone in my school know about my blog in the first place? Guess why I don't splash it out on banners or try to increase site traffic?

Because it is private and anonymous. Because I know that only in anonymity can I be honest.

But it seems that anonymity is not enough anymore.

Anyway, all this is to explain why there's been very little activity or actual writing on my blog these two weeks. Not only have I been too jumpy to write as I usually do, I am currently in the process of moving to a secure server and will have a password slapped on it, at least until I leave this school. So, Blog Sisters who read my blog regularly: drop me a line by email so that I can include you in the mass email I will be sending out to regular readers with the password in it.

My old blog will still be up for a while yet just in case anyone wishes to get in touch with me about anything I blog about here. But if you want the real goods--i.e. the writing goods--, please email me to let me know.

I guess the lessons from this is:

1. Don't write things in anger.
2. People can be really nasty for no good reason.
3. It's really difficult to have faith in people.
4. There's probably little room for honesty of thought and opinion.
5. Life isn't fair.
6. Blogging can be deadly business.

Thanks for listening, Blog Sisters!

And to all the Blog Sisters who have known about this and emailed me--thank you all for your kind words.

Elaine: I might want this post taken down after a while, is that ok?

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