Wednesday, January 15, 2003

A New (Old) Webzine...

New to me, but unfortunately no longer being updated. If anyone knows where the person who started this masterpiece is, please clue me in because I think she rocks. This piece is just one example of many:

We've all heard the jokes. Q: How do you offend a feminist? A: That's not funny. There's a very persistent metaphor floating around in our cultural consciousness: women who aren't afraid to speak out against oppression, who know what they want and won't take less than they deserve are bitter, ugly, no-sex-havin', friendless freaks. In short, man-haters.

For a long time, I thought this stereotype was kind of quaint, much like children's fears about monsters in the closet. I've always felt that if anyone actually said this kind of trite shit to me, I could just pat them on the head and turn on a nightlight, chuckle, and know that they'd grow out of it.

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