Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Finally feeling better!

This morning I was still feeling a bit under the weather, but I've seemed to get steadily better all day. Gosh, you know how much you appreciate feeling normal when you've been sick for several days! It's like the sun finally coming out after a whole week of rain. Birds are singing, dew drops are sparkling on leaves and petals...well, you get the idea. I didn't work tonight, though. Mondays are generally my toughest evening at work, and I don't want to risk over-doing quite so soon. I'm off tomorrow, and then I should be able to get back to work by Wednesday! Yay!!!

I've still been taking it pretty easy today, adn I still wasn't in the mood to read, but I'm sure tomorrow I'll have my nose buried in my book.

Speaking of tomorrow, we have a meeting to attend at our school district. Our district has subsidized a lot of the costs of AP tests, PSAT's and SAT's for high school students, but due to the budget cuts they are looking at passing the full burden of paying for these tests on to students and their families. We live in a district with a lot of low income and minority students, so this is a very frustrating situation. I realize that the cuts in the budget have to come from somewhere, but I hope that they find a solution that is not so painful to the most promising students in the district.

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