Thursday, January 02, 2003

Fast Food

From today's blog entry:

Today I heard three reports about the sinking fast-food industry/people who want to sue fast-food restaurants/that obesity/diabetes report: one on NPR’s Morning Edition, one on Here & Now (an annoying show that makes me miss Kojo Nambe even more) and on one of the evening news shows. (I don’t remember which one because I was channel surfing.) In the final report several “ordinary people” said they were avoiding fast-food restaurants for healthier ones.

I wonder about this: do people really eat any better at a regular restaurant than a fast-food one?

Sure, the regular restaurant puts a salad in front of them, which they dutifully eat, but don’t they still order burgers? Fries? Grilled sourdough sandwiches? Bacon on those sandwiches? And at a regular restaurant, they can have beer with it all!

People who go to a LaMadeline (one of the places mentioned by name) for low-fat soup and a salad wouldn’t be eating lunch at McDonald’s, anyway! When *I* go to LaMadeline, I get a burger on grilled sourdough and fries! It’s much better tasting than any fast-food place, but I doubt it has any less calories!

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