Friday, January 10, 2003

Cultural Differences

Yesterday, I posted this in my blog :

Sometimes I read something or I see something and it strikes me as being so very odd that I become very aware of the fact that I have been away from America a very long time. In fact, it might be true to say that I have been away so very long that I might never be able to blend into American society again. Somehow my edges have become too foreign, somehow I just can't see things the way that I used to.

The other day I was looking at the proofs from a photo session at Walmart ( my favorite store, no shit ) that a new mother was showing off. They were photos of her very cute children, one about Meg's ( 3 ) age and the other one just a few weeks old. One of the pictures caught my attention. The background of the portrait was a large, unfurled American flag, and placed next to the newborn's hand was a tiny American flag. I couldn't help but imagine what my reaction would be if this photo had been from another country, with a different flag in the background, by the baby's hand. Say, from Germany, or even the Netherlands.

And once again I know that I have stepped off of the mainstream path. Have become a stranger.

I am wondering if this strikes anyone else as being a bit too much, or have many years of living abroad truly taken me that far from mainstream America ?

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