Sunday, December 29, 2002

Something Worth Celebrating

Christmas came and suddenly internet seemed like this huge crowded town when holidays arrive: Empty. No traffic. Since I'm not a big fan of this "special day" and having had a very hard year I was definitely not feeling like celebrating anything. So I sat on my computer and started seeking after good writing, something that would challenge my mind - or even my heart. It's amazing how these things happen - when you're lucky enough to find a blog/journal/whatever like that. I start reading, I look for an "about me" section or something and then suddenly I find myself turning the whole thing upside down. There are quite a few blogs which I've read from beginning to end, which I've spent many nights on. Yesterday I was reading Burningbird and I kept thinking of what Shelley wrote about wires and warmth and plastic... I often find myself thinking about that. About what magical, crazy strength is this which brings us together and leads to our sharing our thoughts - and eventually our lives - like this. I particularly think that's so amazingly precious. We've come from so many different places, we've lived so many different stories... and there's so much to be learned. (Thank god for that!) At the same time... it is wire and plastic, indeed. Just the other night I was exchanging emails with a very dear "blogfriend" of mine and that went to a point where I really really needed to hug her. I'd never felt that way before, it was so damn weird knowing that no matter what I did, that was just not going to happen. She's in Colorado, I'm in São Paulo, that's quite a distance, right?

I'm aware that this has been widely discussed many times before... but for some reason I feel especially excited about it today. It feels inexplicably... precious. And magical. Now that is something worth celebrating: our sharing in spite and because of our diversity.

Happy New Year y'all!

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