Tuesday, November 26, 2002

One strong woman

I went swing dancing last night, as I do every Monday. At these dances I've always seen this woman: my height, but more petite; short, blonde hair; around 50; and an amazing dancer. She often dances with a guy who looks around 20 (maybe younger), who's tall, dark, handsome and, yes, an amazing dancer.

I found out last night that this woman is the young man's mother. In fact, she's the 55-year-old mother of something like 17 children. Then I saw her signing to her son. That's right--he's deaf, and he's one of the most interesting dancers to watch on the D.C. scene.

I also heard from a reliable source that the woman herself grew up disadvantaged, in a project in Baltimore, and that some of her other children also have either physical or mental disabilities.

That people like this exist makes me feel very small indeed.

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