Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Mothers Against Genetic Engineering

From their website:

Madge is a rapidly growing network of politically non-aligned women who have decided to actively resist the use of genetically engineered organisms in our food and on our land.

Madge is networking nationally and has created an infrastructure that collects, correlates and distributes information relating to genetic engineering.

Madge believes that GE ingredients must be proved to be 100% safe before we feed them to our families. Our children are not guinea pigs... we want the freedom to choose what we grow and eat.

Madge supports those companies who have committed to a GE free status and boycotts and lobbies those who have not.

Madge believes that genetic engineering is an experimental science in its infancy and as such should be confined to safe and secure laboratories for medical research. This, is what GE Free New Zealand means to us.

They even have a cool logo!


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