Saturday, October 12, 2002

Who needs bail?
It was a rough day for some of our educators today. I don't want to jump to conclusions but *ahem* it sounds as if some of our role models weren't so model-like.

I'm not too surprised with the whole storm over at Marshall High, I'm much more interested in the fact that I used to go by the school on my bus ride out of the city.

Then on the other side of the Bay, we've got this 26 year old exchange teacher (how sad that she's Filipino) doing some teen boy. Oy vey, couldn't she find a nice, older white man (I know, quite stereotypical but I'm in a mood) who will support her and her family back in the PI.

Sad thing is? Her family will probably disown her after hearing she gave her flower to an underaged boy and that her bail is one million dollars.


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