Monday, October 14, 2002

Hi, everyone. I'm new to Blog Sisters, so just wanted to say thanks for creating such a wonderful, woman-friendly space on the net, and say how much I'm looking forward to participating!

I'd also like to offer my first link from ZDNet |UK| Computer grid to fight breast cancer. In contrast to some of the downsides of corporate sponsorship that Jennifer's story, below, points out, this ZDNet article discusses the plus sides of using standard, off-the-shelf technologies to develop a natiowide computer grid that will assist with early screening and diagnosis.

Sounds like a great idea to me, with the exception of privacy concerns that this nationwide grid may bring to the fore. Given that privacy and personal information is treated differently in the UK (and Europe generally) than in the US, this may not be such a problem, though. As someone who has watched a mother and other family friends battle breast cancer, though, I'm in favor of this kind of technology, and hope that any privacy or confidentiality issues that arise can be effectively addressed by the technology, as well.

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