Saturday, October 19, 2002

The Curse, Re-visited

After reading Pascale's post about menstruation, I just had to bring one of my blogger page posts over here.

For some unknown reason~~~I got to thinking about my prepubescent days and how different the world was then. I really need to share this tender slice of innocence, c. 1943. Two of my girlfriends had started their menstrual periods and were strutting around like they invented the ovulating egg. I was jealous, 13 and no sign of this passage into "womanhood". My mother had told me about this awesome situation and bought a "belt" and a package of Kotex pads so I would be prepared for the momentuous day.

Well, I grew impatient. One day I took my new belt and a Kotex, spritzed a load of ketchup on the pad, put the gear on and went to my friend's house..........where I loudly proclaimed that I too, was now a woman. And even showed them the evidence by pulling my virginal white cotton panties down and displaying "proof". I wore that mess for a couple of hours but even I couldn't take it anymore and the Big Revelation was dumped into the garbage.

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