Friday, September 13, 2002

On Being Not Nice

Today I did something I can't remember ever doing before. I deliberately chose to be not nice. I wasn't rude, or cruel, but I was distinctly not nice. It was such an unaccustomed experience that, as I sent off the "not nice" email, my hands were actually shaking.

There really wasn't anything all that momentous about it, I was simply choosing to end communication with someone I'd met in person only once. He was either rude or sloppy in his behavior toward me (pick your intepretation), and rather than excuse it, dismiss my irritation, swallow my resentment, or even give him the benefit of the doubt, I just decided to cease interaction with him and to say why.

Of course I'm now second-guessing myself. You can read further details at my weblog, both2and: beyond binary. So, sisters, am I now officially a bitch?

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