Monday, September 30, 2002

Collective Joy and Despair

Looking for a change of pace in Blogostan? Check out the women of ResidentBlog for some "collective joy and despair." In the midst of an 82-hour week, medical resident and blogger Amanda, sat down to craft a Sunday, September 22nd piece that is certain to capture your heart and mind. It will also open your eyes to the almost ministry-like aspect of the profession. People don't last in this biz unless they're evangelical about public health, and sort of ambivalent about sleep. yourself a favor and join Amanda in the maternity ward and neonatal care unit. It's a birds-eye view of the real deal, good stuff you're not likely to find anywhere but on rounds or online here.

NOTE: I've not been able to detect permalinks on the page, so I ask that you just head on over to the September 22, 2002 entry. This entry has been cross-posted at RuminateThis

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