Monday, September 09, 2002

BOO HOO, The Miss American Pageant gets another black eye!

The Miss America pageant has taken yet another blow in the controversy over the two North Carolina contestants as reported by the Associated Press (pity, pity). Since I have a problem with the silliness of this whole beauty pageant thing anyway, I find it even more annoying to have this be such a focus of attention (so here I am giving it more attention.)

So what -- Rebecca Revels former boyfriend Tosh Welch snapped a couple of photos of her in the nude (now isn't that just horrible?) The pageant parades women around showing off their tushes, legs and boobs in bathing suits and gowns as part of the competition, but it's a NO NO for the women to be naked with their boyfriends -- naughty, naughty. I feel like I'm in a time warp, REALLY!

I don't like or watch the pageant, but I say three cheers for Rebecca. If anybody has to win the stupid thing, I hope she does bare chest and all. And to make the pageant more palatable, I'd like to see her moon the judges during the promenade.

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