Sunday, September 08, 2002

Biting is okay in my book

This is in response to D.C's comment about child safety--the comment button is missing again.

I believe in telling my son the truth about everything. Grant it, he will only be two this Christmas Eve and really doesn't understand a word I say to him but I am already teaching him things that will help to keep him safe. My son thinks his name is PFFFFFFF. I taught him to stick his tongue out at people and make that raspberry sound when they ask him his name. A friend of the family came over to met him and when he did that to her she told me that she thought it was rude. I then informed her that while she is a friend most people that come up to little child and ask them their names have no business talking to them. If they want to know his name they need to ask me, not my son.
I also make it a habit not to let people hold my son or pick him up. Now when someone wants to pick him up or cuddle with him he screams and yells and throws a fit and comes running to me or his daddy. Of course, so many people have told me that he is spoiled and I am sure it hurts their feelings but I don't care. He knows no one is suppose to hold him but mommy or daddy. He knows that if someone picks him up its okay to kick and scream and even bite. These are the little things I can do now that can help keep him safe.
My son is also a biter. At first I thought it was a bad thing, until one day we were at Walmart and my sister-in-law happen to be there. She had a friend with her and of course as soon as she saw Dalton she tried to scoop him up in her arms and hug him. Dalton responded by biting her on the shoulder, hard. She of course put him down really quick and my little boy came running over to me. The woman looked at me like I was supposed to say sorry or something. I am not going to apologize to someone who picks up a child they do not know and then expects me to punish him when he bites her. She shouldn't have touched him.
Children get so many mixed messages these days. Don't talk to strangers but be respectful of your elders--to kids everyone is an elder.
I plan to teach my son to be respectful to himself. If an adult touches him that he doesn't know I want him to bite them and hit them and get away from them. If I know the person then I can explain to them why he does that. If I don't know the person they shouldn't be touching my child in the first place. That same person who just wants to give your little one a hug could also be that same person who wants to pick him up and take off with him before you have a chance to blink. I would much rather explain to someone the reasons for my son's "bad behavior" then have to explain to the police what my baby looks like and how long he has been missing.

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