Sunday, September 15, 2002

Beware David Still

This is a word of caution in case you start getting e-mails from this guy. A few weeks back I got an amusing e-mail from David that seemed harmless enough. He had found my blog and looked at some pictures I link to from it and written me this e-mail saying, "you're so beautiful, be mine," and so on. I took it as a silly little flirtatious thing. Wrote back to him, then he wrote back to me, then I wrote back I think one more time. He wrote back again, but I didn't really have anything more to say, and I figured that was a good point to end the e-mail conversation.

Didn't hear from him for about a week, maybe two. Then yesterday, I got an e-mail from him saying the weirdest thing had happened: He'd found a picture of himself, and my name was written on the back, and wasn't that weird? He provided a link to it. I knew this couldn't possibly be true since I've never been in the same room with the guy (he claims to live abroad, although at this point I'd question anything about him). But I was curious what it was he'd concocted this time. I assumed it would be some other silly, flirtatious thing. Uh uh. I clicked the link and it opened to a stomach-wrenching picture of a man's bloody, mutilated face. Ugh, it was nauseating!

I wouldn't typically denounce someone publicly like this. But in case any of you have had e-mail contact with this guy, I wanted to warn you and spare you the trauma of having to receive an e-mail like that. It's still making me ill.

I'm mad at myself, too: I wouldn't describe myself as naive to the ways of the Web. But this guy is sick, and unfortunately, I was duped.

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