Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Basketball or abortion

While head coach at the University of California at Berkeley, Marianne Stanley, now the head coach of the Washington Mystics, gave an assistant coach a choice between having an abortion or quitting, and then left the pregnant woman at a hotel during a Midwest recruiting trip. The assistant, Sharrona Alexander, was paid $115,000 two years ago by the university to settle a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit after she refused to have the abortion.

The Merc and Chron weighed in with their own commentary:
Belief that coach can't be pregnant outdated, absurd--SJ Mercury News
Pregnancy suit an isolated case--SF Chronicle

Full disclosure again: I'm "tight" with one of the writers of the Post story. But the story is certainly pertinent to this list o' ladies. As one of my friends said:
"I can't believe this woman was an All-American and had a child and then filed her own (rightfully so) lawsuit to get equal pay at USC--YET she wants to limit another woman who was just about to really make it too!"

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