Wednesday, August 21, 2002


Only intended to chime in for a moment to say I'd be out of touch for a few days. I am in a quilting fugue and eveything else just falls to the wayside. But when I saw the posts on weddings I had to add my uncalled for 2 cents. I simple don't understand in this day and age the need for more than a contract between two concenting adults to form a partnership of mutual exclusion. This bruhaha with all the old traditional symbolism of a woman being sold from one owner to another is anathema to me, horrifying in what it represents from a patriorical past. The trappings are so ridiculously overblown just to celebrate the date of a woman being ALLOWED to have sex legally. Now, because you have gone through all of this ritualized transfer of property, society condones the limited sexual activity of this woman. It's ok, dear, now you can legally have sex and legitimately have children. I find the whole faldara repulsive.

I believe there should be standard partnership contracts for standard lenghts of time renewable by mutual agreement. Contracts could be upgraded for children, elderly parents, extended families, etc. Divorce would become almost obsolete.

I can understand a celebration to honor the signing of a partner contract, wishing the couple well and all, but none of the horrifying chauvinism of, "let me be the first to introduce Mr and Mrs His Bloody Name.

There I've vented, aired my gripe. The man I married (yes it was a quick cermony at a JP with no rings or trappings of any kind) read over my shoulder and said I ought to tell you that he agreed with me from the beginning and that he is a nice guy. He wants to make sure you know that he is a nice guy ;-).

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