Saturday, August 24, 2002

A Summer Place

I've for a very long time had a dream of finding an affordable rental house somewhere on the beach or near a lake, populated with women friends and our children. A summer place...

Even now, while typing, I'm almost transported to the narrow walks of an ocean beach and the sound of our children and their hearty giggles; the image of kids playing with one another - varied ages, hands swiftly moving through the air, their lips and laughing tongues stained with bluejazzberry ice. There's something almost prayerful about their running, playing tag or being buried in sand. I don't know...maybe it's just that in their noise and the occasional bump and short-lived tear, I'm more aware of my breathing and thus, more aware of life. The only thing I'm certain of, is that it has something to do with being away...and being together, we and our children. These are such strong images.

I get all calmed just thinking about we women sharing our merlot out in the freshness of a breeze or an iced tea in the heaviest of humidity, laughing our heads off, listening to music, playing a hand of cards or helping one another set tables and make beds. It's the simple things and the enjoyment of being among those who know.

By the way, I also envision the best of men visiting and our enjoying our company. Here's where I can't help but laugh over my keyboard, because men are terrific and delicious, they're great lovers and friends - but there's something awfully appealing about them picking up their things and just...going home.

I think it's time to begin organizing a summer place for next year.

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