Friday, August 23, 2002

Sexist? Or Not?


Doc Searls, whom many of us know and respect, wrote the following yesterday:

    Oh: when you get tired of all the male kinda shit that seems to comprise 5/4 of the blog world (techblog or warblog... now there's a sexy selection), wander on over to the smartest babeblogs on the Web.

I wrote a posting about it, and said that I thought it was sexist:

    I know that Doc couldn't possibly mean to come across so absolutely, completely, and without any excuse sexist. I had to check the calendar to see if, somehow, all of weblogging was magically transported back in time to the 50's when I read this post.

Well, I've not had complete agreement with my assessment. So, what's all of your opinion? Was Doc's statement sexist? I'm not saying Doc is, but did this statement come across as sexist?

And while we're at it, what do you all think of the terms BlogBabe, BabeBlog, or such oldies as " girls". Do they come across as cute and cuddly, friendly, and warm? Or do they piss you off? How about something like the The Rackbrowser--because women participate in this, are we sending mixed signals to guys? Lay off unless we initiate the action?

Thanks for any and all responses. And I'm not picking on Doc (or Hoopty) with this one, just trying to decide if my interpretation of 'sexist' varies, considerably, from others.

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