Tuesday, August 13, 2002

On moods

Current mood: complacent.

Um... I want to ask you people something... My host is a guy and I pretty much did't know him, we only exchanged e-mails a few times and once I got this e-mail from him and he asked me out. I was fine with that. After work, he was supposed to come to the place where I worked and pick me up from there. When I saw him, I knew it was him...and I wanted for Earth just to burst open and eat me so I wouldnät have to spend time with him! Not to mention him being short and fat, he also has acne all over his shoulders and was wearing some damn old-trucker-dude clothes. Oh my God, I SO much wanted to just run away. It was horrible, I told him that I'm not feeling well and that he should take me home. He was pissed, I must say VERY pissed. Hehe... Talk about blind dates being awful. As my my main page says, "if blind dates are cool, then WalMart is the coolest store!". Similar experiences anyone???

Ok, girls, time for me to shut up. Throw in some MSN messenger info in those comments (add me as coldillusion@hotmail.com), would love to chat. P out yo!

1 comment:

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