Thursday, August 29, 2002

New Sister, New Blogger

I hope that I am following proper protocol in posting an intro in this section. I first wrote one in "Drafts" but I'm not sure of the purpose of the Drafts tab, so I will take a deep breath and post here and if this is not appropriate I am sure someone will alert me. My name is Sharon Harvey and I am (why does the age always come next) 52, it seems unimportant the older I get and would be better off forgotten, particularly in our youth crazed culture. Don't get me wrong, I try my best to stay fit, and to look the best that I can, but as times passes what I have to work with requires a great deal of creativity. It's not what is most fashionable, but what will minimize the worst and maximize the best that I search for. But, it doesn't really matter, because it's what's inside that really counts. (Didn't believe that at 20, but it makes perfect sense to me now!)

In addition to my skills in being a master of age disguise, I am a mother of four grown children, wife, professional auctioneer, and small business owner. I love physical activity -- mountain and trail biking, running, lifting, and cross country skiing. I plan to try out my new roller blades as soon as the rain breaks and might try snow boarding this winter (provided that my year old whip lash injury won't prohibit me.) I am just getting back to my former self physically and am slowly adding activities. My hope is that next summer I will stop talking about parachuting and "Just Do It" already. I am a semi-vegitarian (cheat a little with seafood). I enjoy writing and drama, two things I have put on the shelf for several years and am just now bringing them out and dusting them off to reawaken my creative side. I feel so lost without them. I am a Unitarian Universalist which means I take a very eclectic approach to spirituality. I don't like labels or having people tell me what I should or shouldn't believe. I subscribe to the four principles of Miguel Ruiz in the book "The Four Agreements" -- 1 - Be Impeccable with your Speech; 2 - Don't Make Assumptions; 3 - Don't Take Things Personally; and 4 - Do Your Best (not necessarily in that order and I am paraphrasing.) I find that most religious or spiritual laws or ideas relate to one of these basic principles in most instances.

The issue of SAFETY for young children today is a real concern, but I must wonder if many incidents such as those in the spotlight today were simply not reported in the past, rather than there being a sharp increase in these crimes. Either way, I understand and felt the pangs of uneasiness this past weekend when I accompanied my 7 year old grandson to Burger King. When he asked to use the restroom I was startled and wondered how I should handle it. I was afraid to send the kid to the bathroom. But I didn't let him see my uneasiness and quickly dismissed the idea of making him go into the ladies room with me.

My husband and I took a trip recently and travelled through some beautiful neighborhoods in Western PA and New York. We both remarked that we hadn't seen one child outdoors playing. Perhaps the fear of abduction or harm is resonsible for much of the "indoor" activity of children these days as well as computers and T.V. I did play outside all the time when I was a kid, but that was a different era for sure. There are also many organized activities for children today that did not exist when I was young.

I suppose that is quite enough of an introduction and first commentary. I look forward to many more readings and writings.

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