Tuesday, August 27, 2002

In the flesh

Joan Ryan of the S.F. Chron writes a column about the recent hullabaloo surrounding Jamie Lee Curtis's choice to expose her real self to the world. An excerpt:

Curtis's true-life photograph has created the loudest press buzz since
the magazine began publishing four years ago. The story has been picked up
everywhere from Liz Smith's gossip column and the "Today" show to MSNBC's "Nachman," CNN Headline News, the London Daily Telegraph and USA Today.


Because in 2002, more than three decades into the women's movement, it is still a radical act for a woman to accept her body as it is.

Yes, Jamie Lee is promoting a book, but it sounds like her motives are sincere. I've passed this article around to a few girlfriends, and already, they're inspired.

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