Friday, August 09, 2002

Giant figurative warning billboards ignored!

This is the main part of my latest blog entry. I thought I would share it here:

A “Why Didn’t Someone Say Something?” Event:

Last April a Scottsdale man murdered his wife and two kids, set fire to their house, and drove away. At first police thought he was a victim, too, but they later realized he was the murderer. They haven’t found him yet.

Now police have a clear picture of what a nasty man he was. His wife was trying to leave him, but she was scared of him, too. Amazingly, the following things happened and no one intervened:

1. A friend of this man was once on a boating trip with the man and his children. The man decided to teach his kids to swim by throwing them overboard! Although this “friend” thought this was wrong, apparently he did nothing stop this monster and help the kids.

2. This man liked to “joke” with his friends by sneaking up on them WHILE THEY WERE PICKNICKING WITH THEIR FAMILIES and empty the clip of a 9mm pistol into the air. (To those who don’t know much about guns, “empty a clip” means “shoot every bullet in that clip.”) Did anyone ever tell him to stay the hell away from them and their families? Did anyone ever report him to the police? Apparently not!

And finally….

3. This man pointed a loaded gun to the head of another “friend,” who is also a minister who counseled this man. He decocked it against his friends head and said, “It’s that cool?” Can we point out all the things that are wrong with this? How about: counselers should not have friends as clients. And: Counselors are supposed to report attacks on their persons from the whack-jobs— I mean, disturbed clients—whom they counsel. And: If he did this to his MINISTER, what do you think he was doing to his WIFE?

These three stories are accompanied by a laundry list of looney behavior that wasn’t a secret from this man’s circle of friends.

What does it take for men to acknowledge the misdeeds of other men????? What does it take for men to admit that on of their own is mentally ill and others need to be protected from him?????

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