Monday, August 26, 2002

Freedom to Speak

I'm sorry, no offence intended, but I had to chime in on this one. I laughed gently to myself through most of the blog because I was thinking of how women perceive themselves, what has the deepest impact on their lives, and how hard it is to equate 'women' things to 'important' things. Also, how difficult it is to equate the need to discuss and get feed back on women things with the idea of intelligence. 'Bitch session,' 'prattle,' some term my mother used to use and I can't quite call it to mind but it had something to do with hens, all names for what women do when they get together, offer each other support and confirmation of womanhood. There are so many things that I can not talk about at work where I am a token female in a world of men, but with one other woman, even a stranger, I can easily comment that I'm on my rag today, my heavy day that makes sitting and standing a wet, squishy torture and she knows just what I mean and we can laugh about it. I can talk about 'important' stuff all day long, but here with other woment I can talk about real stuff and I think it is all important.

Someone once told me that anyone is smart when standing in their own field and ignorant when standing in someone else's. Intelligence (I always need the spell chuck) is relative to the situation. I can speak of politics, social interactions, religion, business trends with pretty sure footed reliance on my grounding in these subjects, but don't get me talking about anything technical about the computer world. I feel pretty confident driving the car, but underneath the hood is not my area of expertice.

My feeling is that this place, this kind of blog, is an area where we can share our intelligence, no matter what the field and not be ashamed of our ignorance. In my years of life, I believe that this is one of the most wonderful strengths of women, the ability to collectively support each other. Yes, there are back stabbers, game players, and bad attitude displayers, but this crosses all gender, background, etc. lines. So I would say yes, this is a place for a woman with an ISP and personal opinion (ours have been ignored or quashed for too long) and that we should leave the welcome mat out to come and go as an individual sees fit. Let's not be too exclusive, one never knows who has a really good idea and just needs a place to make it know.

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