Friday, August 16, 2002

Dalton and my nose

As we all know kids like to stick things up there nose. My mother told us a story once of Corrie, my older brother, sticking a sand spur up his nose. No, I have no idea what a sand spur is--all I know is he stuck it up his nose. Well, no one knew about it. All they knew is that for a week my brother smelled awful. No one could figure out where the smell was coming from. They thought maybe he was sprayed by a skunk, so they did the tomato thing. Then they thought that maybe he had some really bad gas. Nope that wasn't it either--so my mother finally to him to the doctors and that's when they found this little thing up his nose that was causing him to smell horrible. Once it was removed and Corrie was given a nose flush all was right with the world again.
So I wasn't surprised when I saw my son trying to stick one of those milk jug tappy things up his nose. You know the ones I mean. Those little tab things you have after you open up the milk jug. Well, of course I told him no and told him that its not safe to stick things up your nose. He seemed to understand and I did see him stick anything up his for a pretty long while. But as we all know--kids never learn that easy.
My son was sitting on my lap today and I was chatting away on the phone to my best friend in NC. The next thing I know my son is facing me with one of his fingers shoved up his nostril. If that wasn't funny enough--he then took his other finger and began to attempt to probe my nose with it. So the next thing you know here I am trying to have a conversation, trying not to laugh (because you really shouldn't encourage this kind of behavior) and trying to pull my sons finger out of nose. The whole time me son is determine to keep his finger where it is and just seems to find the whole thing pretty damn amusing. After a few minutes of trying to wrestling this two year old off my lap--he is a strong little bugger--I cant control myself any longer and I bust out laughing. Of course it comes out as one of those snorting laughs because well, I have a finger up my nose. Then as if it was the whole point of the entire experience was to get me to laugh, my son gives me one of his toothy grins and withdraws his finger, climbs off my lap and runs off to play. Yeah, he is defiantly my husband's son.

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