Thursday, August 08, 2002

computer geek wannabe

Okay this is my third time trying to write a post because well I am a dork and couldn't figure out how to get these words off here and onto the post thingie--I am sure you know what I mean. Then duh I see a little post sign right there and I have this sudden urge to smack myself.
So I guess its safe to say I need help with this ladies! Please please someone email me at and tell me what to do. And remember I am an idiot so talk to me like one no computer savvy slang. From what I gather so far all you do is come on read some post and well then write a post. What confuses me is all this web page hosting and other stuff--what's that about. I read a ton of post and I must say its pretty well, interesting. Any help for this first time blogger would be so wonderful and I would love you so much--I just might share my beloved cheese with you.

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