Thursday, August 08, 2002

breast feeding

I just want to make a comment about the post about breast feeding week. I am a mother and I completely support women who breast feed, but I do not like the way most non breast feeding mothers are treated because they chose to use formula. I can't count the number of times I was downgraded by other women(complete strangers even) when they found out I decided to bottle feed my son. They did not know the reasons behind my decision but still I was told that he was going to be sick all the time and that I would never have a bond with him and blah blah blah blah. All of the sudden I wasn't as good of a mother because I decided the bottle was best for me and my baby. My son did fine on the bottle--and he had no horrible effects from it like everyone said he would. He was drinking from a sippy cup at 5 months, he is so smart, and he has never had an ear infection or anything more then a runny nose. If a woman wants to breast feed she is a good mother, but if a woman decided not to then she is selfish. That's not really fair. As far as breast feeding in public--I am all for that too. I do not know why some women flop their breast out for all the world to see, but most women will drape a blanket around her or hold the baby in a position where everything is not completely exposed. I think if you are going to breast feed in public at least try to cover up a little. I understand that you are feeding your child and its nothing to be ashamed of but it can be done with some taste and consideration for those around you.

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