Monday, August 05, 2002

Bad out for it

Wow. Long time no blog. Its been a long summer for me, a new graduate from high school. I have done a lot of traveling, and working. And can I say, the last time I even had time to check the site there were not this may people, and I would like to welcome all the new bloggers, and say that its wonderful that this many women haveing things to say, that they want heard. It just gives me chills! I love it! Well, the reason that I have not posted in such a long time is I had nothing that I felt was blog worthy. I only want to post the things that I feel are really BlogSister worthy. And I do.

Last night I was watching E!, and their new show. The Anna Nicole Show. Which I found to be horriable. It was the most trashy tv I have ever seen. I think that is is worse than Jerry Springer. For all of you that did not see the trash, first off you did not miss anything at all, and second off its E!'s attempt to recreate in a different way the great response that MTV got from the Osbournes. Which they did not get from todays rateings. I just don't think that anything will ever be any where close to the Osbournes. The Osbournes is almost like watching your own family on tv, not someone famous....except most american families don't use the "F" word every second and don't have an english accent, but other than that they are so normal....they have the same concerns and fights as normal non-famous families, which the public finds comfort in (or at the very least I do). The Anna Nicole nothing like really is just trash...there is nothing else that could be said about that. That is the only word that could describe it....I mean I am sure I could come up with some others, but that one will work. So, to all of you that missed it, and said maybe I will catch it later, don't....its a waste of time.

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