Friday, August 30, 2002

Another Child Safety Post

I know I should be adding this to the comments sections of the other posts about Child Safety, but I just can't stand writting in those little boxes sometimes. I have 4 children from 20 years old to 2 years old. I myself was raised very strict and protective. My parents never let me leave the yard (and yes it was the 70's) and never let me ride my bike or go to anyones house without knowing the parents (and even then it was a very rare ocassion). So when my children were born I had the reverse attitude that my parents had. I let them go play and make friends but, ( I didn't let them run wild or anything like that) I did put a few restrictions on where and who they could play with.
My husband on the other hand was allowed to go and come as he pleased. So he had the opposite attitude about our children. He did not want them going anywhere at all. It was a while before we both found those common ground rules we could agree on. I think everybody has issues with the way they grew up. You ever hardly hear anyone say I grew up in a perfect house with perfect parents (If there is anybody like that PLEASE let me know).
Recently we have had to deal with problems with our 8 year old. He would go out to play and a little while later we could not find him. We knew he was at a particular friends house, but hence the fact he did not tell us where he was going, became an issue. Of course punishment was involved, being restricted from playing outside for a week. But now he has recently been asking us questions about the children he is hearing about in the news. We tried using his questions as a lesson tool, saying "That is why we need to know where you are and where you are going to be playing. So no harm comes to you". Now we didn't try to scare him into thinking that people would just walk up and take him (even though we KNOW that happens). But we really didn't know how to deal with all his questions either. My 2 older children never asked us about kidnapping or any of those issues. I think now that the media is drawing so much attention to it all, which could be good or bad (which is another issue all together) that the children of today are scared that they may be stolen or hurt. How do you dicuss these issues with a young child???
I remember being taught never to answer the door to strangers or answer the phone that your home alone, etc. But now what do you tell your children to do if in the middle of the night somebody breaks into your house and tries to steal you out of bed..what do you do??? How do we teach the children of today about safety????

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