Monday, July 08, 2002

The Newgen Woman

We may be the sufferers now, but I beleive the problems will work themselves out when the dicotomies of archtype verses reality begin to level out. For instance, the idea that marraige is somehow a desirable and expected state for a woman. Fifty years ago my mother married a man that she didn't love because it was what she was expected and supposed to do. She acheived a goal in life by becoming Mrs. Somebodyelesesname. She was then able to leagally have sexual intercourse to produce children. In the church and family she was raised in this was what she felt was her only choice in life. Now I was raised by that woman and her values and priorities, but with much more freedom of choice and expression. I was able to look at what interested me most and make choices that better suited my personality and ability. However, this doesnt' stop the demon voice in the back of my head that still smarts off with all those old archtypical demands, 'Aren't you ever going to get married? This house is such a mess, why aren't you cleaning it up? Don't you think you need a man around the house? Shouldn't you be home and let a man do the "real" work? etc, etc, etc.' You know, you've heard her voice. The truth is that I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself and my life in a way that I see fit for myself and I hope I am raising my daughter to feel less stressed about the choices she decides to make for herself. I believe this new found independence is wonderful, it just needs to be adapted to each persons set of circumstances and not made to be the same old straight jacket with a new name stiched on the lable. I beleive when we realize that we can step off the treadmill, the stress desesases will fade.

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