Sunday, July 21, 2002

The infamous Time Mag Rag Article

Remember when we were supposed to have more chance of being kidnapped by an Iranian terrorist than of getting married again after 45? I think when the article came out I was pretty sure that getting married again was the last thing on earth I wanted to ever do again. This article and the one Anita notes both seem to have the same sort of perspective that we are worried that we might not get married. Is it some hangover from the recent past that can't seem to let go of the 'gotta have a man' syndrome that has been foisted on women for so long? I find this kind of reporting to be very cultually biased. If we are the ones who are making more money, have better educations, and better job opportunities, why isn't the article's perspective skewed toward the men who are being left out, the men who will find themselves with poorer chances to find a 'good' mate? I find it really disgusting that we would be told by this article that it is an education that makes our future bleaker because it will keep us from finding an equal partner. Wasn't that the crap my mother told me back in the 60's, 'try not to act so smart, the boys won't like you?' What a crock of pig manure.

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