Tuesday, July 02, 2002

Ancient Hag........

but really quite cute, actually. If you don't mind long, broken fingernails, tangled grey hair with small birds nesting in it, a faint but distinctly heady aroma emanating from that shrunken carcass.......hey, I'm your gal. My name is Minimouse aka Lorraine. I am a 71 year old stinky old lady who does pretty much what she wants. And likes it that way.

Ms Kalilli aka Elaine invited me to join the sisters. Now this is true---I am an only child. Really. My parents apparently felt they could not improve on perfection so quit after I arrived on the scene. Well, if you believe my mother's sisters, (who coincidentally were my aunts) claimed that after seeing me they were afraid of having another child. I was born in one of the small bedrooms of my grandmother's house, but they were not so poor they could not afford a real doctor to come to the house to help with the project. And so I was born and here I am.

And the world is mighty glad about that, or so I've been told. There are details about me and my life on my "regular" webpage, so I am not going to prolong your agony by repeating myself here. Just this morning, when I did my usual routine of checking the mail, my daughter's blogpage, my site to see if anyone had been there, blah, blah. -- I discovered I'd suddenly acquired a "summer place", as Kathie (the kid) calls it. A "Mousetrap, continued". In other words, a place where I could have a popup comment page, an option not available on FullMoonWebs where I live all year 'round.

Now I am scared. What I always wanted---a comment page---I now have. This is an awful lot of pressure, you know? I mean, now I cannot just blather about nothing, I need to blog about something interesting enough for someone to "comment" on. Eeeeeeeuuu.

Well, as I told that old Crone of Blogdom, whatsherrname, I have a tendency to babble. And babble I have. Do you have my address? Did I tell you I have a comment page.?..........but for folks on the run, there is also a TAGboard you can click on for pithy one-liner comment or to just say HI. In any event, I do hope you will drop in and if you don't want to say anything at least leave a muffin or something for me, okey?

Am I supposed to put my URL in here now? Well, just in case. http://minimouse.fullmoonwebs.com Hello? Hello? Anybody hear me?

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