Sunday, May 12, 2002

Mothers Day

As another mother's day is here I think of all the crappy things that I have put my mother through in the past year. I am never going to be able to thank her for what she has done for me. When I was sick and in the hospital and when I got out, she is the one who was always there for me...and what have I done in return? Given her crap, I put my mother through Hell. I dropped out of school. Before anyone starts to think ill of me, I did it because there was no way I could have passed, and I had to save my GPA. I am going to go back next year and finish the last three classes that I need to graduate and will graduate in the fall and start college in the spring. I will be only one semester behing my class. Its not that big of a deal to me....but it is to her. She thinks that she is the one that put me into the situation that I am in, and its not her. Between my knee and doctors visits, and being in the hospital, and all the pail killers the doctors had me on there was no way that I could have passed my classes. I don't know what I really mean by this blog. I guess I need to talk to my own mother about all of this, and not just vent about what I have done to all of my fellow sisters and others. Mother's day always brings out this side of me. I will never know why.

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