Thursday, May 30, 2002

Hi, all! I just signed on to post to Blog Sisters for the first time (I've been reading it since it went live), because I wanted to share something funny with all of you related to the post I made yesterday. And what do I find? Elaine, describing the piece in her post below. Coincidence? Hm...

Some reader out there illustrates the point made in my post beautifully. At the end of the day yesterday I get an e-mail from someone I don't recognize, but which I can tell by the subject line was sent directly to me. In it, a simple--and, to be honest, not all that surprising--message:

"hi where can i find some more nakkkid pictures of you?" (sic)

It then goes on to ask if I'm a "Webcam girl." No comments on the content of the post, positive or negative. Just the one-track message from a one-track mind belonging to some reader whose brain is obviously below the belt. Point proven.

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