Monday, April 22, 2002

Sister Poems

Ursula Fanthorpe, 1984.

Women Laughing

Gurgles, genderless,
Inside in the incurious womb.

Random soliloquies of babies
Ticked by everything.

Undomesticated shrieks
Of small girls. Mother prophesies
You'll be crying in a minute.

Adolescents wearing giggles
Like chain-mail, against embarrassment,
Giggles formal in shape as
Butterpats, or dropped stitches.

Young women anxious to please,
Laughing eagerly before the punchline
(Being too naive to know which it is).

Wives gleaming sleekly in public at
Husbandly jokes, masking
All trace of old acquaintance.

Mums obliging with rhetorical
Guffaws at the children's riddles
That bored their parents.

Old women, unmanned, free
Of children, embarrassment, desire to please,
Hooting grossly, without explanation.

My bestfriend in the world sent me this because when she read it the first thing she thought of was me, and blogsisters, so to save on words....LP this blogs for you.

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