Tuesday, April 02, 2002

mid-twenties crisis

I am so glad that Esta mentioned the mid-twenties crisis. (Maybe for some it comes at a different time). I recently had my 25th birthday. This was very hard for me. Before, each birthday meant a keg party with tequila shots and gal pals. This year was my first "grown-up" birthday. I don't know why, but I felt like I couldn't have a kegger again. Also, I am having purse issues. Am I a hippy or am I a professional woman? I don't know. How come which purse I choose has to say so much about me. Am I making such a personal statement of who I am by the purse I carry? I'm trying to choose what car to buy after graduation... am I a Mini Cooper or a Jetta? These may be bad examples. Finding the courage to think an talk is extremely difficult. Sometimes I am so overpowered by fear that I don't even try to ask myself how I feel or what I think. Too afraid to think! As for finding my voice, I agree that blogging is highly beneficial! I am going into a profession, the law, where being able to speak up is very important. However, currently I am not very confident with what I have to say. Whenever I post a thought and someone posts a comment, it's sad but its almost validating... Incidentally, I am very excited about now being a part of the Blogsisters conversation! Maybe I will become closer to finding my voice!

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