Tuesday, April 02, 2002

learning to talk cont'd

I started this as a comment to Jeneane's message, but it got too involved, so here we are. Jeneane, I think you've tapped into what is for many of us the core of why we blog...I know I've talked at length about voice on my site (I think "found my voice" was even my tagline, briefly). Personally, I've been drawn/driven by Toni Morrison's writings -- she deals with this topic quite frequently. For many women, finding voice may not be as obvious as finding a consciousness of self and the reality of choice. I feel like I only really started to think coherently about what I was doing with my life until my mid-twenties (aided by supportive sister-friends and therapy -- has anyone else been through the mid-twenties crisis?). The pressure of going through life without thinking, of doing what I thought I "should" do, created a profound depression. Finding the courage to think and talk -- and not just that, but to rant, angrily or cheerfully about anything and everything -- is a drug, and it (along with friends, faith, family, and lots of practice) is changing my life. And yes, Elaine, blogging helps...

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