Wednesday, April 24, 2002

in which i reveal that i watch too much tv

Speaking of degrading films, has anyone been watching The Bachelor on ABC? I've avoided it on principle, but saw a bit about it on the Today show this morning. Katie Couric made a valiant effort to hide how appalled she was. I suddenly wondered if we'll ever see a show where one woman has oodles of men preening and competing in an effort to get her to marry them. My coffee nearly shot through my nose at the mental image. Kind of like on Ally McBeal Monday night (I'm kind of surprised no one's yet mentioned that it's being cancelled) where Heather Locklear showed up with two husbands, and everyone wigged out. Best line of the show: "What's her defense?" "She's entitled". My question: why would anyone want two? I've never been married, but even having one boyfriend at a time is more than enough of a headache...

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