Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Better Late Than Never

Hi everyone. So I signed up for Blog Sisters when the site became active, but I didn't quite get around to posting anything until now. Let me introduce myself, and beg forgiveness in my slackness. I'm Annessa, I'm 26, and a single mom. Here's my current site, and one day soon (maybe), will be my main site.
I work at a publishing company in Jacksonville, Florida as the production coordinator. Basically I make sure we have the correct text for each book that we do. I like my job for the most part, but still wish I could be a rock star. My daughter turned four last month, and she is absolutely wonderful and funny. As for me, I'm pretty witty sometimes, sarcastic beyond belief, in a quandary about a man, and I'm quite fond of commas and run-on sentences. I write the way I'd talk to you in person, I practically wave my arms about (makes typing really hard). I'm looking forward to writing on here, and I promise to try to make this a regular thing.
So Greeting and Salutations, and thanks to Jeneane for making this possible!

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