Thursday, February 28, 2002

blog me this, blog me that

Thanks, Jeneane, for setting up this great forum for all of us to share... what a great idea! I'm very new to blogging, and I find myself getting completely lost in my blog-jumping adventures whenever I begin to follow link, after link, after link... there are a lot of fascinating bloggers out there. :-) My name is Dawn of H I G G Y ' S :: M I N D, and I am currently a reluctant home-body, thanks to my ousting from the corporate world last month!! *my regards to Mme Dooce!!!!* It seems that, in some cut-throat corporations, executives can fire their secretaries on a childish whim.... so here I am, home with the family, collecting unemployment, and actually sleeping-in on some mornings (sleeping-in = 7:00am in this house!). I suppose this evil boss-woman did me a favor, in a way..... that work environment was terribly unhealthy and hostile (99.9% women). I'm terribly nice - almost to a fault - and I don't make waves, but I still did not survive the politics brewing there, under the surface, like hot, molten, poisonous lava. I never saw it coming!

Although I do hope to regain employment soon, I am LOVING this free-time!!! :-) So I hope to keep-on-bloggin' until Mr. Nice-Fair-Generous-Boss falls in love with my circulating resume, and rings my phone with the offer of a lifetime! *hehe* Nice to be a part of this wonderful group of women. :-)